30 Days of Introspection


During these next 30 days God has called all of us believers to rise to another level. I realize that in order to rise to another level without, there must first be a rising to another level within. Notice when a car gets ready to climb a mountainous terrain you hear a shifting sound within, where the car is saying there must come a rise in RPMs from within the combustion of an engine in order for there to be enough push for the car to climb. In the same manner we also must have a stronger exertion of power from within in order to climb higher heights and levels in our lives. I use to blame people and circumstances in my life as being the cause of why I didn’t succeed, or have peace, or have joy. I then began to listen to people who had far worse circumstances to overcome, people to get over, and other stimuli or events or occurrences in their environment that could have influenced negative behaviors or bad actions. Strangely instead I saw these people succeed, have joy, and find peace. So I realized it’s not so much the outside (people, life’s circumstances, losses, hurts, disappointments, and pain) that cause these negative behaviors and thoughts about my life, but rather it’s the inside of me that is the problem.

Brothers and sisters that’s what God wants us to work on in these next 30 days, and that is how to be the best me. Now before you jump ship and allow yourself to run from this challenge, know that what just told you inwardly in your mind that you don’t need this, is the part of you we are trying to kill or tame. That’s a part of the inner you that wages war against the best part of you. Starting today we want to kill negative thoughts, behaviors, actions, and personalities that are causing you to have negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts of low self worth. Today we fight the greatest enemy we will ever fight, and that’s the fight within.

Child of God this is THE YEAR OF INTROSPECTION. The year to BE THE BEST ME IN CHRIST JESUS. You say Pastor Turner, what is Introspection? I’m glad you asked. Introspection is defined by Webster as meaning; a reflective looking inward : an examination of one’s own thoughts and feelings. That’s what The Lord wants us to do these next 30 days, and that is not focus on nobody else but ourselves. You have given a lot of your time, energy, and strength to others by running around trying to please them. Just for the next 30 days, let’s build a action plan and regiment of how we are going to be a better me for me. I don’t want you to work at being a better you for anyone else but yourself and The Lord. Truly by you finding YOU, and loving YOU, and having peace with YOU. You will find you will have more peace dealing with others. You won’t allow others actions and decisions to interfere with your peace, because you will guard your peace once you find out how good loving you feels. Are you ready? I sure am. Let’s take the next 30 days working on me, and by working on me, I will be the best me in Christ Jesus.