Mission Statement

The Church is the gathering place where faith is ignited, hope is realized, the people are empowered, the music is engaging and God’s Word is illuminating to the spiritual compass by which Kingdom destiny is fulfilled. The songs released in worship experiences at SMBC lead people into a greater pursuit of God’s heart toward them. We are also intentional about singing songs that inspire personal reflection, testimonials and waves of thanksgiving in our worship services so we include the traditional songs juxtaposed between contemporary music that produces corporate praise to Christ, Our Kinsman Redeemer.

Music Ministries

SMBC Choir
This church choir is comprised of individuals who develop their musical continuity to share the messages of the hope, restoration and the results of a relationship found in knowing Jesus the Christ. This choir both sings the praises of God and prepares the atmosphere for the preached Word. Steeped in foundational teaching and covering all genres of Christian music, SMBC Choir does not forsake purpose of the song for the popularity of singing. We stand to minister to both, the dedicated Christian and the broken spirit and contrite heart unbeliever to re-route them back to the Only True & Living God.

O worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness!
Worship Leader Rev. Stephen Turner along with this anointed and spirit filled Praise Team sets the atmosphere ushering in the presence of the Lord; giving thanks unto the Lord for who He is, and for all He has done.

*Applicants will ONLY be appointed!

Chosen Generation Choir

Joyful, joyful, Lord we adore thee!
The motivational and uplifting Youth Choir will send your spirits soaring. Directed by the Minister of Music and Youth Pastor, Rev. Stephen Turner, this gifted choir delights in making a joyful noise unto the Lord!

(Age group ranges from: 12 to 21. Please refer to the weekly church bulletin for rehearsal schedules.)

Lift up your head oh ye gates and let the King of Glory come in!
As the Stars-4-Christ, our church of tomorrow, sing praises unto the Lord! Out of the mouths of babes, this talented children’s choir offers up uninhibited praise to God. Directed by Sis. Anna Haley and Sis. Terese Haley.

(Age group ranges from: 3 to 11. Parental guidance needed for ages 5 and under. Please refer to the weekly church bulletin for rehearsal schedules)

Get Involved With Us

  • Must demonstrate ability to sing on pitch, tone quality, and technique (match the sounds being played and sung).
  • Encouraged to sing a gospel selection (Acapella) of their choice, in which should show vocal abilities (optional).

Ministry leaders

Bro. Leonard Bailey
Minister of Music

Elder Derrick Henry

Sis. Glenda Franklin
Vice President

Bro. Ollie Hines

Every Tuesday: